Familiar Design

These products are wonderful interpretations of objects which people have a long standing familiarity with.

Firstly, there’s the LCD TV by Naoto Fukasawa. By utilising the familiar shape of a CRT television he’s been able to integrate wireless equipment and good quality speakers into the body. This allows the compact, cuddly tv to be used anywhere, with only a single power cable being required.

Naoto Fukasawa TV

Here’s a Leica camera. It looks like an old film camera, but it’s actually a sophisticated piece of digital equipment. The references to the older style evoke thoughts of quality and familiarity.

Classic Leica camera

This is a hard drive by Lacie (designed by Sam Hecht of Industrial Facility). It reminds me of old video cassettes, and all the obvious connotations of recording and memory.

Hard drive Industrial Facility

It’s a powerful method of creating familiarity with new products, and as technology gets increasingly advanced I expect to see this kind of design used more and more.