Marketing for Designers

Marketing for Designers


Marketing can be tough for designers.

It’s not because designers aren’t capable, it’s just that creative people can be really insecure about the things they create. At least, I am.

When I work on a project, I always have the feeling at the end that it’s crap. In some ways it’s a good instinct, because it keeps me building stuff … always striving to improve. But it’s terrible when it comes time to market the stuff I’ve made.


For marketers, they are removed enough from the creation of the product that there are no such insecurities. For example, in a traditional product company the marketing team aren’t the people who design the actual product.


So what is the solution?

  1. Try and lose those insecurities and just market the hell out of it anyway.
  2. Get someone else to market it for you.
  3. Do everything anonymously, or under a pseudonym.