Total Commitment


I heard a great quote in relation to entrepreneurship - “you’re either on the bus, or not.”

When it comes to building something, you either fully commit to it, or there’s no point in even starting.

The difference in outcomes between being fully committed, and just partially committed, is huge.

Total commitment is when you live with an idea, and turn it around in your head while walking the dog or in the bath. You work on it whenever you can, and would much rather be working on it than anything else.

In most people’s lives there isn’t total commitment to anything. In a startup, the founders are often totally committed, but it’s rarer for employees to be.

Some artists devote their entire lives to mastering their chosen fields - this is total commitment.

If it ever reaches a point where you’re no longer totally committed to something, then it’s a pretty dangerous warning sign. The quality and quantity of your work will rapidly decline. And after several months of partial commitment, it can have a large effect on your personal motivation.

You need to find a way to either fully commit or ‘get off the bus’.