Reinventing Classic Cars


Some designs become true classics - loved by their owners, and lusted after by other people.

To name just a few - the Volkswagen Scirroco, Ford Mustang, and the Mini Cooper.

Any attempt to change them meets with vocal opposition. But inevitably the marketing departments within the companies responsible take the brave decision to revive the icons from their heritage, and breath new life into them.

Here are some examples where the revivals have been really successful, with the new model having a desirability and pedigree which puts them head and shoulders above competing products.

Volkswagen Scirocco

New Scirocco

Original Scirocco

Mini Cooper


Ford Mustang

Original Mustang

New Mustang

Mercedes SLS

The Mercedes SLS has been described by Mercedes as the spiritual successor to the Mercedes-Benz 300SL Gullwing, which was first introduced in 1954.

Mercedes SLS

Audi Quattro

Still a concept car at the moment, but fingers crossed this will reach production.

Audio Quattro concept car

Audio Quattro - concept and original