Client Work


Here are some examples of the projects I’ve completed for clients.


I built a wearable prototype for an early stage startup.

Wearable prototype

It’s an embedded Linux computer, with a battery, charging circuit, and accelerometer / gyroscope.

It’s integrated in a custom 3D printed enclosure, roughly the size of a matchbox. The prototype has a companion Android app, which has SMS, GPS, and Bluetooth functionality.

The prototype was a proof of concept which helped the startup validate their idea, and present to investors.

Web Apps

I’ve developed many web apps. Here are some examples:

  • A project management tool for a global telecoms manufacturer.
  • An event entry system for large sporting events like the London Marathon.


Glossybox is the leading provider of subscription beauty products. Each month subscribers receive a box with a curated collection of the latest beauty products.

To celebrate their birthday they wanted to give away prizes to their Facebook followers.

I helped the team conceptualise a Facebook game where this would be possible. It was essential to not only work out the mechanics of running a competition, but also to make it delightful and shareable.

Glossybox Pass the Parcel - box open

I built the backend using Django, which enabled Glossybox to enter prizes for each day. This was coupled with a rich Javascript frontend, which integrated with the Facebook API. The app was deployed on a high performance server using Nginx so it was able to handle surges in users.

The game was shared thousands of times during the 5 days of the competition.

Data Warehousing

I worked with a fast growing ecommerce startup to create a data warehouse proof of concept.

The data warehouse combines data from their SQL databases, along with data from Google Analytics. This enables powerful adhoc analysis of their business through a visualisation tool which was deployed alongside the data warehouse.

Examples of the questions they are now able to answer:

  • Do most of our sales come from desktop or mobile users? Which devices are they using?
  • Which areas of the world result in the most lucrative sales?
  • What are the sources of traffic to the site, and which ones result in the most sales?

The beauty of a datawarehouse is if it’s correctly built it can answer many business questions without the intervention of a data scientist or business analyst. An end user can get their own answers by using the visualisation tool.

The infrastructure used was similar to other projects I’ve done in the past.


I developed new firmware for an Internet of Things product. The product used embedded Linux, a codebase written primarily in Python, and a remote code update feature based on Docker.

Online Adspend Tool

A leading accomodation provider needed a tool to analyse their online adspend data. This involved integrating with the Google Adwords API, and the Bing Ads API. The tool pulls down the latest data each day, allowing the data analysts within the company to track adspend carefully, and display it in daily reports.

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