Hello Swimmer

In my final year of university I was lucky enough to be involved with Design London, which was a joint project between Imperial College London and the RCA to bring together design, engineering, and business students to collaborate on projects.

I was involved in a project called Hello Swimmer, which was a device to help people track their performance when swimming, and to analyse that data afterwards via a website.

The project involved developing a thorough business case for the product, and creating a video to explain the product and user experience.

As part of this, the engineers and designers involved in the project attended the Design, Innovation and Entrepreneurship modules of the Imperial College MBA, to sharpen their business skills.


An animated logo created for the product:

Screenshot 1

The technology we decided to use was based around RFID tags. The swimmer collects their unique RFID tag from the reception before entering the pool:

Screenshot 2

We envisaged there being real time statistics about the swimmer’s performance visible from the pool:

Screenshot 3

This is a mock up of the web interface via which a swimmer could look at their performance after leaving the pool:

Screenshot 4